Masa Nishijima, a successful golf course commentator, his book Analysis of a Golf Course is a bestseller in Japan. Masa is passionate about golf course and he has visited 56 countries and played 2030 courses along the way. He is a panelist and international board member for Golf Magazine's Top100 course in the World and International consultant of a famous web-site "Top 100 courses of the World"


Tom Doak, Crenshaw&Coore Collaboration Again

      Red Course #16    Designed by Crenshaw &Coore

Collaboration of Tom Doak and Crenshaw&Coore is born again
It is located between Orlando and Tampa of Florida.
Blue Course by Tom Doak and Red Course by Crenshaw&Coore,
Streamsong Golf & Spa will open in December this year.

        Blue Course #18  Designed by Tom Doak

This time is the third,In their both work in one place.
The first one,Bandon Dunes.
The second are Barmbougle Dunes of Tasmania.

How many golfers visit here for the period of next year's PGA Merchandise Show Orlando ?
Lot of golfers will visit there.
Have you already reserved tee time?


Photo by Larry Lambrecht

PS. please do not copy any photo's without permission of Larry Lambrecht.


Victoria GC return to TOP100 2013?

           Photo by Victoria GC

Victoria GC AUS was listed in GOLF Magazine Top100 in the world until 1997.
They did a wonderful restoration past two years.
Restoring the Mackenzie bunkers.
My friend's Darius Oliver said.
" Victoria is a wonderful old golf courses in great shape right now.
It deserves a place on the Top 100 World."
We should visit Victoria again.


Asian Golf Monthly has announced the best courses in Asia Pacific

Asian Golf Monthly has Announced The Best Golf Courses in Asia Pacific
Best New course is Stoneforest G&CC KunMing China
Winner is Danang GC DaNang Vietnum.
An attached photo is GM of Stoneforest and his secretary's Miss Rain
at prize presentation dinner.
Rain speaks English & Japanese fluently.


Great bunkering "Musashi CC Toyooka Course"

                                 Musashi CC Toyooka Cse #15 

I visited Musashi CC Toyooka course after a long time.
It was regrettable that Seiichi Inoue's "cookie cut bunker" had almost disappeared

by remodeling Japan Open in 2009.
However, #15 of 372yrds Short Par4 might be one of best bunkering hole in Japan.
I choose # 15 to be best 50 holes of Japan.

Good Hole!

                                                 Green-side bunkers #15

Musashi CC Toyooka, only 20 min by car from Tokyo GC, Kasumigaseki CC.
 I recommend you to visit here after TokyoGC & kasumigaseki CC.
If there is room in your schedule.

                                    #18 right side of fairway, you will see very few cookie cutting bunker



The truth of Charles Hugh Alison Part Two

    Kawana Oshima Cse #1

                Hidden Gem  Kawana Oshima course

Kawana is not only Fuji course.
A lot of guests play only Fuji course.
However, you have forgotten another wonderful experience.
Do not forget there is Oshima course in Kawana, too.
Oshima course was established in 1928.
Original designed is Komyo Ohtani.
And, some holes was redesigned by the idea of C.H.Alison.
But, Kawana made the description of architect only Ohtani.
The reason is that there is no record that Alison remodeled.
However, in book Colt&Co by Fred Hawtree
It is described as "Kawana Oshima Cse redesigned CHA 1936"
I verified which holes Alison had done in touch redesign

     #3 Kaigan Dori

Result of my verification. The following matters seem for Alison to have touched.
#3 Green complexes
#4 Bunkering
#8 Route of two ways that uses height of geographical features.
     Very interesting short Par 5 hole !
     Tee shot is blind for the height. The slope of geographical features goes down
      the left to the right, and the advantage to 2nd shot arises by the ball's rolling.
     In case of not being at the position that reaches green by make 2 shots.
     It is also possible that you aim at 2nd shot at the position where a left side is high,
     and reach the vicinity of green by the ball's rolling.
     but it is a risk and a reward.
#9 Diagonal Tee box moved.
#12 Green site was moved.
#18 Plateau & punchbowl(green surface is not punchbowl style)

     #6  S.O.S

    #8   Ochudo Mawari   Two ways

I took Tom Doak and Brian Schneider and played Oshima 2009.
Tom was said to me.
"Masa I'm interested in Oshima for redesign work, maybe more than Fuji !"
I thought that Tom was surely interesting.
How much golfers visit Kawana if Tom does redesign work for Oshima course?
It profits the maximum for Kawana.

Oshima couse has nickname in holes.
#1 Kumagai's Adventure
#2 Tametomo promnade
#3 Kaigan Dori (seaside coast)
#4 Good-bye
#5 Mikaerizaka
#6 S.O.S
#7 Ohtani's Smile
#8 Ochudo Mawari
#9 W&D(Wife and Drink)

    #13   Vini Vidi Vici

#10 Terrace
#11 Links land
#12 North Col
#13 Veni Vidi Vici (Maxim of Julius Caesar)
       Drive-able4 of 280 yards
       with down slope of the height difference 180 feet.
#14 Twin
#15 Hodogaya
#16 Jigoku Dani
#17 Chanps-Elysees
#18 Tokaido

    #12 North Col

     #18  Tokaido   High plateau

Total 5,711 yrds PAR70.
Are you dissatisfied with total yardage?
However, the score of you of Oshima course might be worse than Fuji course.