Masa Nishijima, a successful golf course commentator, his book Analysis of a Golf Course is a bestseller in Japan. Masa is passionate about golf course and he has visited 56 countries and played 2030 courses along the way. He is a panelist and international board member for Golf Magazine's Top100 course in the World and International consultant of a famous web-site "Top 100 courses of the World"


Historical classic courses of the Continent is paid to attention again

                                                     Kawana Fuji #15  1937

C.H.Alison visited Japan in Dec 1930 -1931
He designed Hirono, Kawana, and Tokyo GCAsaka cse(missing links).
And, he advised redesign work of Kasumigaseki, Naruo, Ibaraki, and Fujisawa.
He is course designer who has been worshiped most in Japan.
The deep bunker made in sand flash is called "Alison 's bunker" in Japan.
An amusing name, there is such a bunker anywhere in the world.

                                              Missing Links Fujisawa CC #18

Alison told the definition of classic design in Japan.
But, it was quoted by mistake by the few course designer after the war.
It is a gospel passed on mistaking it like the story of The DaVinci Code of Dan Brown.
In fact, golf course established after the war, and course equal to the world level
has only little.

                                                Tokyo GC 1941 original designed by Komyo Ohtani

Alison told the composition of layout (routing) of 18 holes.
and, the strategic classic theory by cross-fairway bunkering to Japanese.
However, many of Japanese paid attention only to the sense of beauty of green and bunkers.
The Japanese who correctly understands the theory of the Alison might be only Komyo Ohtani.
He was original designer of present Tokyo GC 1941.
also, he made Kawana fuji course based on the drawing of Alison with Kinya Fujita.
and Prof. Marumo.
but, to our regret, many of original works of him are remodeled.
They deleted cross-fairway bunkers of Ohtani.
It was the most important point of his classic concept

                                                       Golf de St.Germain #7     Colt &Alison
                                                        Hamburger GC Falkenstein    Colt&Alison&Morrison

I recommended the work of Colt & Company of the Continent and UK heathland to be
inspected to the Japanese to correct it.
The reason for there is that the site scale of golf course is almost the same as Japan.
However, a lot of Japanese visit to Scotland links and US Top100 courses.
And, they are comparing own discernment with land in Japan.
They had made a mistake in the place that had to be learnt.

                                                             Golf de Chiberta  #18    Tom Simpson

When Tom Doak contributed for Top100 ranking editor of Golf Magazine 1990's.
He asked me, nomination couse list from the Continent.
At that time, I already played 358 courses in the Continent so.

Hamburger Falkenstien, Frankfurter from Germany,
Utrechtse De Pan, Kennemer, Haagsches(Royal Hague)from Netherland,
St.Germain, Le Touquet(Mer), Granville, Chantilly, Fontainebleau,
Chiberta, Hardelot Pins  from France
Royal Zoute, Royal Antwerp, Royal Belgique, Roayl Fagnes from Belgium
Bielle le Betulle,I Roveri, Torino Mandria, Milano,Circolo Venezia from Italy.
These courses that I recommended,
There were a lot of works of Colt & Company and Tom Simpson.
However, the high appraisal was not able to be received from panelists.
The cause was maintenance & course conditioning.
An important part of Esthetics was insufficient.
It was considerably inferior compared with golf course of the United States.
It is true in them to have valued original design.
But, any good golf courses need  improve and renovation some time.

                                                     Royal Blegique  #1&#2      Tom Simpson 

                                    Golf de Granville    Colt&Alison        George Peper's  favorite

Recently, old golf courses of the Continent accomplished big evolution.
My friend's Noel Freeman & other few panelists traveled around
the Continent.few years ago
And, they have reported on the value of classic design of St.Germain,
Royal Hague,and De Pan to us.
Noel & Ran Morrissett reported on it in detail with web-site of Golf Club Atlas.
Also, Brian Schneider who the partner of Tom also visited the Netherlands
and he researched the work of Colt & Company.
The experience in his Continent might surely be useful for the future.

To the inspection report from panelists
Joe Passov who is our ranking editor kept the door open to
historical courses of the Continent again.

                                                      Haagsches(Royal Hague)  # 7
                                                           Kennemer     #17
                                                      Utrechtse GC De Pan #10

One that offers us the topic of Continent is Frank Pont.
He is Dutch course designer.
And, he is an expert who has been researching the work of Colt and Simpson.
Frank renovated work Royal Hague and De Pan,Kennemer,Roayl Fagnes etc.
And, important esthetics revived by his work.
Golf course has a correct capture route and the strategy there.

Historical classic courses of the Continent is paid to attention again now.